Best 100 WorldbeatMusic Downloads

This week's most popular Worldbeat songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Follow the link to get the song, available download is for demo only!. Go buy music from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other legal song shop. Your purchase will support them and keep them productive in music industry.

1. I'll Yayad (Pretty Bumpy) by Carimi & 5Lan

2. Malad by Kai

3. Sweet Child o' Mine (New Orleans Style Guns n' Roses Cover) [Phil Mac Remix] by Postmodern Jukebox

4. Saraswati by Krishna Das & Boris Grebenshchikov

5. Show Dance by Khatir Hicham

6. Mr. Sandman by Swingrowers

7. Bella Belle by Electric Swing Circus

8. Lanmou fasil (feat. Mickael Guirand) by Vayb

9. Allah ya baba by Khatir Hicham

10. From Mumbai by Kaya Project

11. Kanse by Kai

12. Movement 3 by DJ Drez

13. 4AM Hanuman Chalisa by Krishna Das

14. Swing What You Got (Cab Canavaral Remix) by 5 In Love & Cab Canavaral

15. Ina Ran by Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group

16. Veerabhadra (Dj Drez Remix) by Sound Ambassador

17. Nour el ain by Khatir Hicham

18. Gani Alarape by Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group

19. Mafi Kan Won Wa Ninu Meta by Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group

20. Mind Jungle by DJ Drez

21. Sule Maito by Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group

22. Anoma by OOM

23. Gimme That Swing (Radio Edit) by Cissie Redgwick

24. Clap Your Hands (Extended Club Version) by Parov Stelar

25. Dark Tabla by Kaya Project

26. Marakesh by Vertú

27. Kosi Eniti Yio Pa Obo by Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group

28. On Top of the Rain by Vertú

29. Late Giwa Abudu Benson by Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group

30. The Call by Vertú

31. Toys by Vertú

32. Ya leil by Khatir Hicham

33. Minnie the Moocher (Radio Edit) [feat. Alan Alvarez] by Lian Roos

34. V-Wave by Vertú

35. 65 Percent by Kaya Project

36. Anoché by Vertú

37. I Don't Care I Love It by Playfield Tunes

38. Start It Again by Vertú

39. Tara’s Mantra by Krishna Das

40. Evolucionar by Stolen Beat

41. Topasio, Part Two by Vertú

42. Topasio Es Puro Corazon, Pt. 1 by Vertú

43. Indian Fever by David Starfire

44. Radhe Govinda by Krishna Das

45. Danse of the Harlequin by Vertú

46. Happy Swingin by Shemian

47. Demisyone by Kai

48. Ghasi Ram Blues by Kaya Project

49. Kite menaj ou by Kai

50. One God Dub by Kaya Project

51. Midnight In Moscow by Svetlana Skorobogataia / Cristina Dalla Ca'

52. Dexan (feat. Djodje) by Mika Mendes

53. Cocktail by Kai

54. Tou mare by Kai

55. Movement 1 Ether by DJ Drez

56. Kaddoukal mayyas by Khatir Hicham

57. The Pyramids by Khatir Hicham

58. Mazazik by Khatir Hicham

59. Carinhoso by Pixinguinha

60. Temple Gates (Extended Mix) by James Asher

61. Elixir (feat. Ömer Faruk Tekbilek) by Kaya Project

62. Moustapha by Khatir Hicham

63. Ti mamoun by Jvens

64. Enta Eh (Tareq Madkour) by Nancy Ajram

65. Budapest by The Stolen Sweets

66. Jari ya hammouda by Khatir Hicham

67. Movement 3 Drums by DJ Drez

68. Ki Mele'm by Konpa Kreyol

69. Movement 2 by DJ Drez

70. Good Morning London by Kaya Project

71. Movement 1 by DJ Drez

72. Salaam (Remix for Irina Mikhailova) by Kaya Project

73. Love Army (Original Version) by Machel Montano

74. Mizmor Ledavid - Extended Version by Gad Elbaz & Itzik Shamli

75. Nu te fermare by Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino

76. Temple Gates (Radio Edit) by James Asher

77. Harem Bizarre by Kaya Project

78. Mizmor Ledavid by Gad Elbaz & Itzik Shamli

79. Nya I by DJ Drez

80. Tin Tin by Klischée

81. Ach dani by Khatir Hicham

82. Vijdou Na Ulizou - Kalinka by Svetlana Skorobogataia / Cristina Dalla Ca'

83. Ko Si Olode by Haruna Ishola (M.O.N. Baba Ngani Agba) & His Apala Group

84. Nobody (feat. Saaphy) by Elji Beaztkilla

85. Amor (feat. Viviane N'Dour) by Philippe

86. Om Nya by Sound Ambassador

87. Veerabhadra by Sound Ambassador

88. Charleston Follies (feat. Gabi Szucs) by Stereo Swing

89. Aso Nla Ko Lenia Nla by Haruna Ishola (M.O.N. Baba Ngani Agba) & His Apala Group

90. Bia Berim kooh by Homayoun Nasiri, Mehran Modiri, Hamed Behdad, Babak Broujerdi, Habib Meftah booshehri, Omid Hajili & Dara Darei

91. Chachalala Fandango Theme (Remake Version of Jim Johnston) by Legends of the Ring

92. Douha alia (Jeune et jolie) by Cheb Mami

93. Estrela da Tarde by LiANA

94. Pachamama by Kaya Project

95. Anko Anko by Jacqueline Denis & Zekle

96. The Flow by Kaya Project

97. Ijeilu by James Asher

98. Relax by Ti Kabzy

99. Ninu Ese Meji Ti Ile Aiye Fiduro by Haruna Ishola (M.O.N. Baba Ngani Agba) & His Apala Group

100. Denye wòn (feat. Gaelle Bien Aimé) by Rutshelle Guillaume