Latest 100 Song Charts

This week's top popular Traditional Pop songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Click the link to get the song, available download is for demo only!. You have to purchase music from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other legal music store. Your buying will keep up them and keep them productive in music industry.

1. Angel Baby by Rosie & The Originals

2. Hey There Lonely Girl by Eddie Holman

3. That's Amore by Dean Martin

4. Uranium Fever (Remastered) by Elton Britt

5. Ain't That a Kick In the Head by Dean Martin

6. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) by Dean Martin

7. Hanh Phuc Cho Em by Gia Huy Hoang

8. Lam Ngo Va Quen by Gia Huy Hoang

9. Anh Se Hat Ngay Luc Nay by Gia Huy Hoang

10. Em Hay Noi Di by Gia Huy Hoang

11. Song Trong Qua Khu by Gia Huy Hoang

12. Dieu Do Anh Mong Cho by Gia Huy Hoang

13. Tai Sao Em Phai Khoc by Gia Huy Hoang

14. Co Quen Lai Nho by Gia Huy Hoang

15. Em Hay Noi Di (Remix) by Gia Huy Hoang

16. Anh Khong Can by Gia Huy Hoang

17. Tuong Rang Anh Da Quen by Tố Đoàn

18. I'll Shout and Shine (Remastered) by Chuck Wagon Gang

19. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? by Bing Crosby

20. Return to Me by Dean Martin

21. Sway by Dean Martin

22. Love Me, Love Me by Dean Martin

23. Runaway by Del Shannon

24. On an Evening In Roma (Sott'er Celo Do Roma) by Dean Martin

25. One Summer Night by The Danleers

26. Memories Are Made of This by Dean Martin

27. Money Burns a Hole In My Pocket by Dean Martin

28. Daddy's Home by Shep & The Limelites

29. Gimme Little Sign by Brenton Wood

30. That Certain Party by Dean Martin

31. Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? by Bing Crosby

32. Tonite Tonite by The Mellow Kings

33. Nite Owl by Tony Allen & The Champs

34. For Your Precious Love by Jerry Butler & The Impressions

35. A Thousand Miles Away by The Heartbeats

36. Donna by Ritchie Valens

37. Funnel of Love (Remastered) by Wanda Jackson

38. Sad Girl by The Thee Midniters

39. French Provincial by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra

40. Over the Mountain, Cross the Sea by Johnnie & Joe

41. Little Darlin' by The Diamonds

42. Sincerely by The Moonglows

43. Tomorrow Is for Dreamers (Remastered) by Mac Miller

44. Lili Marleen, Erstfassung by Lili Marleen Und Der Soldatensender Belgrad

45. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 by The Nat "King" Cole Trio

46. You Belong to Me by Dean Martin

47. Route 66 Theme (Remastered) by Nelson Riddle

48. Hanh Phuc Cho Em (Remix) by Gia Huy Hoang

49. Ta Khong La Cua Nhau by Gia Huy Hoang

50. Vet Dau by Gia Huy Hoang

51. Chi Minh Ta Nhung Nho by Gia Huy Hoang

52. Qua Khu Ngot Ngao by Gia Huy Hoang

53. Co Duyen Khong Phan by Gia Huy Hoang

54. Mat Troi Be Con (Remix) by Gia Huy Hoang

55. Tram Nam Khong Quen by Gia Huy Hoang

56. Tinh Oi Tinh Oi by Gia Huy Hoang

57. Ngo Ai Ni by Gia Huy Hoang

58. Lili Marleen (Englisch) by Lili Marleen Und Der Soldatensender Belgrad

59. Till There Was You by Peggy Lee

60. Standing On the Corner by Dean Martin

61. Innamorata (Sweetheart) by Dean Martin

62. How You Lie Lie Lie by Connie Conway

63. Angel Baby by Dean Martin

64. I Enjoy Being a Girl by Peggy Lee

65. Phi Truoc La Mot Ngay Mai by Gia Huy Hoang

66. Let the Rest of the World Go By by Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae

67. Ve Mot Noi by Gia Huy Hoang

68. Please Love Me Forever (Remastered) by Tommy Edwards

69. Khong Nhin Thay Anh (Remix) by Gia Huy Hoang

70. Le Song Doi Anh by Tố Đoàn

71. Please Help Me Find My Way Home (Remastered) by Otis Blackwell

72. Vi Anh Hung Ho by Tố Đoàn

73. Minh La Cua Nhau by Tố Đoàn

74. Sukiyaki (Ueo O Muite Aru Kou) (Remastered) [English Promo Version, 1962] by Kyu Sakamoto

75. Con Duong Xua Em Di by Tố Đoàn

76. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) by Dean Martin

77. Giac Mo Ve Mot Thien Than by Tố Đoàn

78. LK Toi Di Tim Toi by Tố Đoàn

79. De Mai Gan Nhau by Tố Đoàn

80. Tieng Goi by Tố Đoàn

81. Nguoi Thay The by Tố Đoàn

82. John Henry (Remastered) by Tennessee Ernie Ford

83. Whispering Grass by Windsor Davies & Don Estelle

84. That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome (Remastered) by Bill Anderson

85. Noel Khong Co Em by Tố Đoàn

86. Minh La Cua Nhau Ver 2 by Tố Đoàn

87. Hold Whatcha Got (Remastered) by Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys

88. Lam by Tố Đoàn

89. Alice Blue Gown by Jo Stafford

90. Love Me, My Love by Dean Martin

91. Linh Hon Tuong Da by Tố Đoàn

92. Nhuong Lai Hanh Phuc by Tố Đoàn

93. Lang Thang (Remix) by Tố Đoàn

94. Con Mua Mua Dong by Tố Đoàn

95. Can Nha Ngoai O by Tố Đoàn

96. Xuan Ben Em by Tố Đoàn

97. Tinh Phieu Lang Remix by Tố Đoàn

98. Nho Mong by Tố Đoàn

99. Hanh Phuc Tro Ve by Tố Đoàn

100. Chang Kho Thuy Chung Remix by Tố Đoàn