Best 100 Traditional FolkMusic Downloads

This week's top popular Traditional Folk songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Follow the link to download the song, available download is for preview only!. You must purchase song from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other legal song store. Your buying will keep up them and keep them productive in music industry.

1. Simple Song by Passenger

2. Someday by Passenger

3. House of the Rising Sun by Lauren O'Connell

4. And I Love Her by Passenger

5. Don't Be Afraid to Call Me by Marc Broussard

6. Astrovan by Mt. Joy

7. More Than Gravity by Colin & Caroline

8. I Won't Back Down by Dawn Landes

9. Please Please Please by Marc Broussard

10. Tura Lu by The Bollox

11. Stella by Cereus Bright

12. Up 18 North by Kruger Brothers

13. Wake the White Wolf by Miracle of Sound

14. Shepherd of My Soul by Rivers & Robots

15. Oh My God by Hollow Wood

16. Easy to Love by Marc Broussard

17. Två Konungabarn (Single) by Myrkur

18. Sheep by Mt. Joy

19. One by Mike Dawes

20. Coal War by Joshua James

21. Mountain Song by Little Chief

22. Walls by Passenger

23. Ivory Black by Oliver Riot

24. Setting Suns by Passenger

25. Baton Rouge by Marc Broussard

26. Monsters in the Dark by Mykey

27. Walk All over Me by The Little Room Band

28. Cups by Lulu & The Lampshades

29. Crash This Train (Acoustic) by Joshua James

30. Crash This Train by Joshua James

31. Are You Ready (On Your Own) by Distant Cousins

32. Crayola Doesn't Make a Color for Your Eyes by Kristin Andreassen

33. Hummingbird by Miss E

34. Irish Pub Song by The High Kings

35. I Knew This Would Be Love (feat. Kina Grannis) by Imaginary Future

36. Gold in These Hills by Brandon Michael Kinder

37. Carousel by Miner

38. The Sound of Silence by Jenny & Tyler

39. Fires by David Ramirez

40. Shoeboxes by David Ramirez

41. As Long as Our Hearts Are Beating by Jenny & Tyler

42. Edge of the Dark by Armon Jay

43. Letting Go by Ben Sollee

44. Horses On the Range by Timmy Curran

45. Faint Not by Jenny & Tyler

46. Crossing Muddy Waters by John Hiatt

47. Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel by Joshua James

48. Same Same Stars by Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

49. Hey Love by Miner

50. Shipwrecked by Shane Alexander

51. By My Side by Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

52. Big Umbrella by Jonah Smith & Andy Stack

53. Argue With Heaven by David Ramirez

54. Hush Little Baby by The Weavers

55. Strange Town by David Ramirez

56. Wildflower by Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

57. I Think I Like You by David Ramirez

58. Man in Your Corner by Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

59. Song for You by Jenny & Tyler

60. When We're Together by Joshua Radin

61. On My Way by Distant Cousins

62. Winter Storm by Joshua James

63. Gone by John Hiatt

64. Ave Maria by Katie Boeck

65. As I Am by Paper Bird

66. Medicine by Rising Appalachia

67. All I Have to Do Is Dream by Lauren O'Connell

68. This Is Just so Beautiful by Jenny & Tyler

69. Do Wrong Right by The Devil Makes Three

70. Fire Sign by David Berkeley

71. Blue Eyes by Timmy Curran

72. Persuasion by Richard Thompson

73. The Garden by Joshua James

74. It's Alright by Nick Santino & the Northern Wind

75. Where I'm Going by The Wild Reeds

76. Bate o Pé by Roberto Leal

77. Freeborn Man by Tony Rice

78. All Hail by The Devil Makes Three

79. Dawn of the Third Day by NateWantsToBattle

80. Runaway by Ziggy Alberts

81. My Life, My Love by Family and Friends

82. Gracefully Facedown by The Devil Makes Three

83. Aces and Twos by The Devil Makes Three

84. Fire Fire by Steam Powered Giraffe

85. On My Mind by Kalai

86. Belly of the Deepest Love by Tow'rs

87. Oh Shenandoah by Kellianna

88. Tzion by Zusha

89. My Old Kentucky Home by Acoustikats

90. Mock Origami by Matthew and the Arrogant Sea

91. Troubled by Timmy Curran

92. "Kids" by The Ooks of Hazzard

93. Fly Away by Distant Cousins

94. Yoel's Niggun by Zusha

95. Daniel's Joik by Jon Henrik Fjällgren

96. Peace by Zusha

97. Run by Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

98. Wandering Man by David Ramirez

99. Wider Circles by Rising Appalachia

100. PreGomesh by Sirusho