Latest 100 Tai-PopMusic Charts

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1. Island Sunrise by Fire EX.

2. 挪威的森林 by Wu Bai

3. 甲你攬牢牢 by Jody Chiang

4. 浪人情歌 by Wu Bai

5. 勇敢 by Mayday

6. Fight for Life by Jody Chiang

7. Fly Away by Jody Chiang

8. Can't Get Along by Jody Chiang

9. Heart-Broken Love by Fei Yu-Ching

10. Marching Forward by Lim Giong

11. Wishes in the Wind by Jody Chiang

12. 我問天 by Only You

13. Song for Jolly Gathering by New Formosa Band & 鄭愛枝

14. The Drumbeat by New Formosa Band

15. Firecrackers by Jody Chiang

16. Song of Life by Huang Yeeling

17. 真心換絕情 by Jacky Wu

18. 牽掛 by Wu Bai

19. 愛妳一萬年 by Wu Bai

20. Dreams of Youth by Michelle Pan

21. 車站 by Zhang Xiu Qing

22. 海海人生 (Life) by Star

23. The Wife (Live) by Jody Chiang

24. Destiny Calling by Ricky Hsiao

25. Missing You by Fei Yu-Ching

26. Ruthless by Jody Chiang

27. Son by Jody Chiang

28. Why You Love Someone Else by Fei Yu-Ching

29. Tears of a Wanderer by Fei Yu-Ching

30. Love Words in Dream by Jody Chiang

31. 蝴蝶夢 by Only You & Tang Li

32. Island's Sunrise (Acoustic Version) by Fire EX.

33. Farewell My Love by Wu Bai & China Blue

34. A Shooting Star by Fei Yu-Ching

35. 深情海岸 by Chan Ya-Wen

36. 堅持 by Only You

37. Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird by Wu Bai & China Blue

38. Firecrackers by Jody Chiang

39. Story of Woman by Jody Chiang

40. Lady Dragon of the Bitter Sea (Live) by Jody Chiang

41. 冰雨 (Ice Rain) by Star

42. The Moon Knows by Christine Hsu

43. 男人情女人心 by Only You & Sheryl Huang

44. 愛你無條件 by Huang Yeeling

45. Fragrance of Flower by Jody Chiang

46. 心愛的再會啦 by Wu Bai

47. 愛情限時批 by Wu Bai & Wanfang

48. 囚鳥 (Bird in the Prison) by Star

49. 忘情水 (Forget Love Potion) by Star

50. 傷心酒店 (The Blue Hotel) by Star

51. Tenderly by Jody Chiang

52. Song of Life by Huang Yeeling

53. I Am Thinking About You Tonight by Fei Yu-Ching

54. No Express Mail Delivered by New Formosa Band

55. Loving by Jody Chiang

56. Marching Forward by Lim Giong

57. 送行 by Only You

58. 樹枝孤鳥 by Wu Bai

59. Will You Think of Me ? by Jody Chiang

60. 糞埽人 by Jacky Chen

61. 聽海 (Listen to the Sea) by Star

62. Fight for Life by Jody Chiang

63. Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Jutoupi

64. The Most Beautiful Flower by Ricky Hsiao

65. 彼眠紅的花 by Joey Chiang

66. 台北哪會攏嘸人 by Jacky Chen

67. 鼓聲若響 (Live) by Bobby Chen

68. 茫茫到深更 (Late Night) by Star

69. 月落 by Jody Chiang

70. Island's Sunrise (Original Version Remixed) by Fire EX.

71. 天意 (It's Destiny) by Star

72. Not Avoiding You by Fei Yu-Ching

73. Jody Chiang (Live) by Jody Chiang

74. Island's Sunrise (Orchestral Version) by Fire EX.

75. 討生活的少年人 by Jacky Chen

76. 你給人嘿 by Jacky Chen

77. 用心良苦 (Care for You So Much) by Star

78. Dream of Love by Fei Yu-Ching

79. Heartbreak Hotel (Live) by Jody Chiang

80. The Words You Say by Jody Chiang

81. 我懷念的西子灣 by Jacky Chen

82. 值得 (Worth It) by Star

83. 口是心非 (Duplicity) by Star

84. Red Line by Jody Chiang

85. 墓仔埔也敢去 by Wu Bai

86. 忘情水 (Forget Love Potion) by Star

87. Paiwan Girls by A Bao

88. 夢網仔 by Jacky Chen

89. Wherever You Go by Jacky Chen

90. 情歌出頭天 by Jacky Chen

91. 是我較歹勢 by Jacky Chen

92. 愛河 by Jacky Chen

93. 傷心酒店 (The Blue Hotel) by Star

94. 心有獨鍾 (Only Love You) by Star

95. 小雨 (Drizzle) by Star

96. Miss by Jody Chiang

97. 愛情的盡頭 by Wu Bai

98. The Passionate Man by New Formosa Band

99. Words After Drinking (Live) by Jody Chiang

100. Possess by A Bao