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1. Fate by Grey Reverend

2. Time In a Bottle by Jim Croce

3. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce

4. You Don't Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce

5. Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels) by Jim Croce

6. You're Only Lonely by JD Souther

7. I Got a Name by Jim Croce

8. Arms of a Woman by Amos Lee

9. Me Too (Radio Edit) by If I Was You

10. I'll Have to Say I Love You In a Song by Jim Croce

11. Jessie by Joshua Kadison

12. Beautiful in My Eyes by Joshua Kadison

13. It Doesn't Have to Be That Way by Jim Croce

14. Blow Away by George Harrison

15. Ring Them Bells by Sarah Jarosz

16. Shakin' All Over by Eilen Jewell

17. My Hands by Grey Reverend

18. Wild Horses by Charlotte Martin

19. Alabama Rain by Jim Croce

20. Walking Back to Georgia by Jim Croce

21. Annabelle Lee by Sarah Jarosz

22. They All Want You by Lissie

23. Pretty Bird by Crooked Still

24. Where They Never Say Your Name by Eilen Jewell

25. One of Those Days by Eilen Jewell

26. Ooh La La (Live) by Redbird

27. High by Danny Worsnop

28. Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon

29. Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight by Amos Lee

30. Colors by Amos Lee

31. Every Time It Rains by Charlotte Martin

32. Madly by Tristan Prettyman

33. Photographs and Memories by Jim Croce

34. Anna Sun by Joey Graceffa

35. There's a Place In the World for a Gambler by Dan Fogelberg

36. Run Away by Sarah Jarosz

37. Seen It All Before by Amos Lee

38. Part of the Plan by Dan Fogelberg

39. The Scientist by Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis & Lindsey Stirling

40. Anna Sun (Extended Version) by Joey Graceffa

41. Hey Tomorrow by Jim Croce

42. New York's Not My Home by Jim Croce

43. When I Was Your Man (Female Version When You Were My Man) by Madilyn Bailey

44. One Less Set of Footsteps by Jim Croce

45. Radioactive by Madilyn Bailey

46. Can't Hold Us by Madilyn Bailey

47. Souvenirs by Dan Fogelberg

48. As the Raven Flies by Dan Fogelberg

49. Box # 10 by Jim Croce

50. White Rhythm and Blues by JD Souther

51. Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Brighter Day by Jim Croce

52. Picture Postcards from L.A. by Joshua Kadison

53. Lover's Cross by Jim Croce

54. Dreamin' Again by Jim Croce

55. A Long Time Ago by Jim Croce

56. Mirrors by Madilyn Bailey

57. Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy) by Jim Croce

58. These Dreams by Jim Croce

59. Illinois by Dan Fogelberg

60. Motherless Children (Live at The Gaslight Café, NYC, 1962) by Bob Dylan

61. Working at the Car Wash Blues by Jim Croce

62. Clarity (feat. Clara C) by Madilyn Bailey

63. Roller Derby Queen by Jim Croce

64. Moonshiner by Redbird

65. Beautiful Life by Charlotte Martin

66. Black River by Amos Lee

67. Morning Sky by Dan Fogelberg

68. Always a Friend by Alejandro Escovedo

69. Further Away (Romance Police) by Lissie

70. Changing Horses by Dan Fogelberg

71. Good Life by Andy Davis

72. Painted Desert Serenade by Joshua Kadison

73. Age by Jim Croce

74. Sister Lost Soul by Alejandro Escovedo

75. Speedball Tucker by Jim Croce

76. Your Song by Vitamin String Quartet

77. The Hard Way Every Time by Jim Croce

78. Thrift Shop by Madilyn Bailey

79. Earth and Venus by Andy Davis

80. If I Lose Myself by Madilyn Bailey & Corey Gray

81. On Your Shore by Charlotte Martin

82. Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Chester See) by Madilyn Bailey

83. This Girl Is On Fire by GMPresents

84. The Long Way by Dan Fogelberg

85. The Last In Love by JD Souther

86. Four Leaf Clover by Abra Moore

87. Georgia Rain by Joshua Kadison

88. Fine China by Andy Davis

89. Next Time, This Time by Jim Croce

90. Chicago, City of Shoulders by Andy Davis

91. Mama's Arms by Joshua Kadison

92. Love Comes to Everyone by George Harrison

93. Heart Attack by Madilyn Bailey

94. Dreamin' by Amos Lee

95. Invisible Man by Joshua Kadison

96. If You Don't Want My Love by JD Souther

97. Beau's All Night Radio Love Line by Joshua Kadison

98. Amateurs by Andy Davis

99. Better Change by Dan Fogelberg

100. Hey Ya (Acoustic Version) by Ortopilot