Best 100 Old School RapMusic Charts

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1. Ain't My Type of Hype by Full Force

2. Wanna Be Baller (Edited) [feat. Yungstar, Fat Pat, Lil' Will & H.A.W.K. of D.E.A.] by Lil' Troy

3. Anything for You (feat. Keir) by C. L. Smooth

4. Friends B-4 Lovers by Full Force

5. It's Yours (Radio Mix) by T La Rock

6. I Feel Love by Mounika

7. Rappin Duke & Friends (Extended Mix) by Buzzy Bragg

8. Friends (Re-Recorded) by Whodini

9. Kiss Those Lips by Full Force

10. Still Strugglin' by Raekwon

11. Sweet Dávila by Demouche

12. Hinahanap Ng Puso by Gloc 9 & Hannah Romawac

13. South Bronx Subway Rap by Granmaster Caz

14. Down By Law by Fab 5 Freddy

15. Fantastic Freaks At the Dixie by Fantastic Freaks

16. Rappin Duke & Friends by Buzzy Bragg

17. World Destruction (Bill Laswell Remix) [feat. Afrika Bambaataa & John Lydon] by Time Zone

18. I Remember That Night by Juster

19. Make Love to My Mind by Full Force

20. Double Trouble At the Amphitheater by Double Trouble

21. Boom Boom Boom by Juster

22. Subway Theme (Instrumental) by Wild Style

23. Breakdance (feat. Egyptian Lover) by Smoov-E

24. Five Minutes of Funk (Re-Recorded) by Whodini

25. Freaks Come out at Night (Trap Remix) by Whodini

26. More Bounce to the Ounce (Underground Funk Remix) by Prodige

27. Subway Theme by DJ Grand Wizard Theodore

28. Simpleng Tao by Gloc 9

29. Cold Crush Brothers At the Dixie by Cold Crush

30. Rappin' Robot by Smoov-E

31. It's Yours (Scratch Party Death Mix) by T La Rock

32. Boom I Got Your Girlfriend by DJ Remix

33. Don't Waste My Time by Full Force

34. The Old School by Grandmaster Caz

35. It's Yours (Instrumental) by T La Rock

36. Freaks Come out at Night (Re-Recorded) by Whodini

37. Down By Law (Instrumental) by Wild Style

38. Need to Know the Flavor by Grandmaster Caz

39. In Like With You (feat. Doctor Ice) by Full Force

40. Rappin' Robot by Smoov-E

41. Rise Up by Ruck P

42. Military Cut by DJ Grand Wizard Theodore

43. Bakit by Gloc 9 & Cookie Chua

44. Rammellzee & Shockdell At the Amphitheater by Rammellzee & Shockdell

45. All I Wanna Do... by Samantha Fox

46. Breakdance (feat. Egyptian Lover) by Smoov-E

47. Five Minutes of Funk (Re-Recorded) by Whodini

48. West Coast Flow by The Touch Funk

49. We Drink Old Gold by Mr. X & Mr. Z

50. Smurf Rock by Gigolo Tony

51. M.C. Battle At the Dixie (Busy Bee vs. Rodney Cee) by Busy Bee & Rodney Cee

52. I'm a Legend by Grandmaster Caz

53. Breakdance (Instrumental) [feat. Egyptian Lover] by Smoov-E

54. Stone Cold Groove (feat. MC Salaz) by Smoov-E

55. The Man Upstairs by Full Force

56. Love Is You (Instrumental) by The Touch Funk

57. Friends (Re-Recorded) by Whodini

58. Stone Cold Groove (Instrumental) [feat. MC Salaz] by Smoov-E

59. Computer Rhythm by Smoov-E

60. Rappin' Robot (Instrumental) by Smoov-E

61. Distance by Anitek

62. Dirty Mouth by Smoov-E

63. Mama Nature by Raashan Ahmad

64. It's Yours (Acapella) by T La Rock

65. Ipagpatawad Mo (feat. Dzing Macanaya) by Gloc-9

66. Psychosis by Unsampllex

67. Sport by Lightnin' Rod

68. Put It on Wax by Smoov-E

69. Kmo Chayot by Shi 360 & Alon Shar

70. Cold Rock a Party by Beatvandals

71. It's Been a Long Time by Full Force

72. What Are We Gonna Do? by Ultimate 3 MCs

73. Hitman by Grandmaster Caz

74. Groove City (feat. MC Salaz) by Smoov-E

75. Rapping out of This World (feat. Chief Rocker Busy Bee,D.J. Aj,D.J. Smalls) [Pt.1] by Marvelous Three & The Younger Generation

76. Voodoo Child (Dj Premier Remix Instrumental) by DJ Cam

77. Don't Touch the Mike by The Bennetton Gang

78. The Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste by KC. Work

79. Hustle by F

80. Autumn Leaves (feat. Krisheena & Bryant Lamar) by iamDES

81. To All the Party People by Grandmaster Caz

82. California Love (Instrumental) by Night Line Big Band

83. Funk Motor by Mr. Melody

84. Battle Tested by DJ Cosla & Tribeca

85. Stoop Rap by Double Trouble

86. Ital (feat. Soia) by Raashan Ahmad

87. Smoove by Full Force

88. Freaks Come out at Night (Re-Recorded) by Whodini

89. What I See What I Think by Juster

90. Shriek by Norman Cook

91. It's Yours (Instrumental Party) by T La Rock

92. So Cool by Slynk & Illvis Freshly

93. Kool Herc's Echo Chamber by Boca 45

94. Five Minutes of Funk (Trap Remix) by Whodini

95. Basketball Throwdown (Cold Crush Brothers vs. Fantastic Freaks) by Cold Crush Brothers & Fantastic Freaks

96. Take It Back (feat. Doc Brown) by The Haggis Horns

97. I Do Work by Grandmaster Caz

98. The Grandest of Them All by Grandmaster Caz

99. My Old School by DJ Messa Groove

100. Fantastic Freaks At the Amphitheater by Fantastic Freaks