Top 100 Lovers RockMusic Hits

This week's most popular Lovers Rock songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Click the link to download the song, available download is for preview only!. Go purchase song from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other legal music shop. Your buying will support them and keep them productive in music business.

1. Miss Wire Waist by Duane Stephenson

2. Time to Say Goodbye by Wayne Wonder

3. In the Place (feat. Ricky Kimi & John Tuli) by Hoku Aki

4. Looking for Love by J.C. Lodge

5. Soon Seal Up by Shuga

6. Every Tongue Shall Tell (feat. Lone Ranger & Horace Andy) by Shuga

7. Love Me Always by Brian & Tony Gold

8. Won't Tell You a Lie by R.C

9. Queen & Lady by Beres Hammond

10. Everything Ya Do by Hoku Aki

11. The Cure by Antonia Jenae'

12. 100% of Loving by Beres Hammond

13. Groovy Little Thing by Beres Hammond

14. What One Dance Can Do by Beres Hammond

15. Undying Love by Toyin Adekale

16. Take My Love by Strat Don

17. You Raise Me Up by Lukie D

18. Boops by Ce'Cile

19. Said You Love Me by Lukie D

20. Greatest Thing by George Nooks

21. Hero by George Nooks

22. I'll Be the One (Remastered) by Hoku Aki

23. Me and Your Boyfriend by Ce'Cile

24. No No No by Lukie D

25. Yardie (feat. Busy Signal) by Lukie D

26. Stronger by Althea Hewitt

27. My Sweet Thing by Sanchez

28. Without You by Ce'Cile

29. It's Magic by George Nooks

30. After a Storm by George Nooks

31. Ping (feat. Tony Curtis) by Jigsy King

32. You Got Played by Ce'Cile

33. Da Truth by Ce'Cile

34. Tell Me Why by George Nooks

35. My Woman by L.U.S.T.

36. Skank by Iley Dread

37. Remember the Days by Lukie D

38. Holding Down (feat. Rage) by Lukie D

39. Skank Riddim (feat. Adrian Donsome Hanson & Peter Shady Harrison) by Owen Rennalls

40. Needle Eye by Delly Ranks

41. Want Ur Money (feat. Shuga) by Anthony Cruz

42. No Sah by Richie Stephens

43. Yardie (feat. Busy Signal) by Lukie D

44. Season Lover by Lukie D

45. Rasta a Nuh Play Thing by R.C

46. Baby I'll Be Yours by BB Seaton & The Gaylads

47. Sweetness of Your Love by L.U.S.T

48. A Good Man by George Nooks

49. Dagger Thru My Heart by Gyptian

50. Lord I by George Nooks

51. Everything You Do by George Nooks

52. My Woman by L.U.S.T.

53. Have a Lovely Day by Terry Linen

54. Cha La La La by Perfect Giddimani

55. Angel of the Morning (Baby I'll Be Yours) by Claire Angel

56. Stoned out of My Mind by Singing Melody

57. Searching by China Black

58. Get Up Boy (Radio) by Blend Mishkin, Daphne BlueBird, Promise No Promises & Roots Evolution

59. I Bruise Easily by Shu-ga

60. Swagg by Jimmy Riley

61. So Solid (Instrumental) by Adrian Donsome Hanson

62. No Fear by Da'Ville

63. This Love Affair (Instrumental Mix) by Phil Joseph

64. Love Is All I Have by Foxy Brown

65. Hello Again by Vivian Jones

66. I'm Ready by Peter Hunnigale

67. Settling Down by Beres Hammond

68. I'm Still in Love by Alton Ellis

69. Brother over There by Peter Hunnigale

70. Rated Xtra by Winston Reedy

71. Reggae G Spot (Street Mix) by Lori

72. Sexy Eyes by Mike Anthony

73. Love Songs by Richie Davis

74. Love Is All I Have by Foxy Brown

75. Dreamers by Private Collection

76. Closer I Get to You by Dennis Brown & Janet Kay

77. When I See You Smile by Singing Sweet

78. Yes I Do by Gregory Isaacs

79. Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs

80. Letting Me Know by The Limns

81. Just Another Rhythm by B B Aron

82. Can't Say Good Bye by Rage

83. Nothing to Ditter Me (Remastered) by Glen Washington

84. Guide and Protect by Ginjah

85. It's a Shame by Ken Boothe

86. She's In Love by Laden

87. In My Dreams by Famouse one

88. Taking Your Own Life by Joanne Highland