Top 100 Jungle/Drum'n'bassMusic Hits

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1. I Can't Fix You (feat. Crusher-P) by The Living Tombstone

2. Bendy and the Ink Machine (feat. Kyle Allen & Dagames) by The Living Tombstone

3. Made It Home (feat. The Arcturians) by Protohype

4. Sky Fracture by Getsix

5. Infiltrators by Filthy Habits & Jeopardize

6. Again by Aruvn

7. Artifact by Conspired Within

8. Primeval by Conspired Within

9. Summer Haze by Shapeshifter

10. Standing Room Only (feat. D-Bridge, Break & Silent Witness) by Hive & Gridlok (featuring D-Bridge, Break, Silent Witness & Calyx)

11. Emotional (Crissy Criss Remix) by Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma

12. Mechanical Mayhem by Aero Chord

13. California Schemin' by Gridlok, Hive & Keaton

14. Event Horizon (feat. Calyx) by Hive & Gridlok (featuring D-Bridge, Break, Silent Witness & Calyx)

15. I Can't Fix You [feat. Crusher-P] [Instrumental] by The Living Tombstone

16. All You Are by Memtrix

17. Pastanistan Express by Spag Heddy

18. Getaway (Koven Remix) [feat. Angel Taylor] by Tritonal

19. Out of Time (feat. Dion Timmer & Splitbreed) by Excision

20. Keep Runnin (feat. TC Izlam) by Hive

21. One by Shapeshifter

22. Spooky Jack by Razihel & Varien

23. The Definition by Hive

24. Nocturne by Keeno

25. Night by Cher

26. Memoirs (Feint Remix) by Rameses B

27. Mind Trip by Araabmuzik

28. All Night by Camo & Krooked

29. Bendy and the Ink Machine (feat. Kyle Allen & Dagames) [Instrumental] by The Living Tombstone

30. Paradise Mystery (feat. Alexandra & Kedo) by Venemy

31. Violent Sound (feat. MC Armanni Reign) by Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok

32. Loving You Is Easy by Camo & Krooked

33. Hydra by Fred V & Grafix

34. Sound Was Golden by InsideInfo

35. Neo (Dom & Roland Remix) by Hive

36. Vampire Remix by Gridlok

37. Begin By Letting Go by Etherwood

38. Destroid 8 Annihilate (Datsik Remix) by Far Too Loud & Excision

39. Out of Time (Calyx Remix) by Echo

40. Falling In (feat. Mimi Page) by Illenium & Said the Sky

41. Here With You (feat. Collin McLoughlin) by Fred V & Grafix

42. Equinox by Shapeshifter

43. Electric Dream by Shapeshifter

44. Man Vs Machine by Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok

45. Fifth Dimension by Gridlok

46. Culture by Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok

47. Erased from Existence by Calyx & Kontrol

48. Hydrogen by Data

49. Breathe In, Scream Out by Spor

50. Violent Sound (feat. Armanni Reign) by Echo, Gridlok, Hive & Keaton

51. Back to You by KDrew

52. Anchor (Noisestorm Remix) by Tritonal

53. The Old Song by Fandroid!

54. Valentine by Spor

55. As Dust Falls by Spor

56. Brat by Gridlok

57. Redose by The Prototypes

58. Move Around (feat. Ian Shaw) by Camo & Krooked

59. Minimalistix by Skream

60. Games People Play by Fred V & Grafix

61. New Day Come by Shapeshifter

62. All Night by Camo & Krooked

63. Fire (feat. Max Marshall) by Matrix & Futurebound

64. Tron by TC

65. In the Rain (feat. Ladi6) by Shapeshifter

66. Resulate by Spor

67. Tricks by Gridlok

68. Restless Slumber (2013 Mix) by Zardonic

69. Groupies by Tut Tut Child & SPLITBREED

70. Stepped Outside by Loadstar

71. Dead Planet by Gridlok & Hive

72. The Ride by Shapeshifter

73. Pale Blue Dot by The Prototypes

74. Bring Change by Shapeshifter

75. Long White Cloud (Nu Tone Remix) by Shapeshifter

76. Piston by Gridlok featuring Kaos

77. Forest Fires (feat. Etherwood) by Fred V & Grafix

78. Earth by Shapeshifter

79. One (D-bridge Remix) by Shapeshifter

80. Even If by Calibre

81. New Day Come (The Nextmen Remix) by Shapeshifter

82. Progression by Synkro

83. Stryka by Shapeshifter

84. Someone by Synkro

85. Staggered Dub by Breakage

86. The Wretched by The Upbeats

87. Bring Change (The Upbeats Remix) by Shapeshifter

88. Fight Theme by Aero Chord

89. Southern Lights (feat. KP) by Shapeshifter

90. Heat of the Moment (feat. Kye) by Shapeshifter

91. Help Our Souls (Since Now Remix) by Nihils

92. Beyond by Rameses B

93. Way of the Warrior by Hive & Keaton

94. Hajime VIP by Loxy & Naibu

95. Science (feat. Gina Rene) by Echo, Hive & Keaton

96. Too Bad by Taxman

97. Late Hours VIP by Icicle

98. Hit the Lights by Gridlok & Optiv

99. Ten Out of Ten [feat. Taiwan & Youthstar] by Dilemn

100. Aurora (feat. Metrik) by Camo & Krooked