Best 100 Song Hits

This week's most popular Garage songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Click the link to download the song, available download is for preview only!. Please purchase song from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other legal music shop. Your buying will keep up them and keep them productive in music business.

1. Yes Yes (Hybrid Theory Remix) by Plump DJs

2. You & I by Pangaea

3. Something or Nothing (2000F & JKamata Remix) by Turboweekend

4. Router by Pangaea

5. Red Pill & Blue Pill by LOLGurlz & The Oracle

6. It's Goin Down (SPL Remix) by jACQ

7. Rye Lane Shuffle by Moses Boyd

8. Raw Love 2009 by JSL

9. Hot Boys by Hot City & LOL Boys

10. Put You Down by TRG

11. 7th Note by JGYB

12. Sarajevo by Loz Contreras

13. Broken Heart by TRG

14. Boss Fight by NoxiK

15. Buggin (Sinjin Hawke Remix) by Look Like

16. Hold On (feat. June Hamm) [SE22 Mix] by Colours

17. Jazz Club Swag by NoxiK

18. Only Me by Loz Contreras

19. Whitney (Jus Some Shit) by Hot City & LOL Boys

20. Luv’s Peril by Prefunk

21. Road Warrior by NoxiK

22. IAEATD (It Ain't Even About the Dough) [feat. Herve] by Taiki Nulight

23. Rudebwoy Riddim VIP by RUF

24. Ripgroove by Double 99

25. B Leave by Dubbel Dutch

26. B Leave (DJ Q & TS7 Remix) by Dubbel Dutch

27. Omniverse by Omnitica

28. Will I Ever Be Free by DJ Q

29. The Wolves (Koven Remix) by Amy Steele

30. Thriller Medley With Owner of a Lonely Heart (Club Version) by Local Boy

31. Will of Fire by Omnitica

32. We Like Accident (feat. Spoek Mathambo) [Calvertron Remix] by Indo Silver Club

33. I'm being Reelistic by Omnitica

34. Remember by Phaeleh

35. Special Creme (Chicago Club Mixx) by Marcus Mixx

36. Kanjo Bazzooie by Omnitica

37. Bury You Deep (Gemini Remix) by Amy Steele

38. Take Me Up by Taiki Nulight

39. Want You To by T Williams & Shadow Child

40. Cha Cha Cha (Extended Version) by Finzy Contini

41. She Doesn't Love Me Anymore by Santoros

42. Goes Like by Skepsis

43. Adder by Murlo

44. Digital World by Omnitica

45. First Encounter with the Omnitician by Omnitica

46. Kiss VIP by Obeah

47. Ghost Rider by The Gories

48. 92 Hardcore by Tom Richman

49. Fire with Fire by Femme

50. If All Else Fails by Eyeris

51. Motion Shift by TS7

52. Hypnotical (Skepsis Remix) by Mr Virgo

53. The Players by R.I.P Productions

54. Shake That by T Williams

55. Sanctuary of Love (feat. Mista Men) by Detboi

56. Hytz by Checan

57. Rabbits by Santoros

58. Could Be Worse by Avenza

59. You Move Too Fast, You Move Too Slow by Santoros

60. I Didn't Know by Santoros

61. She by Santoros

62. Everything Is Alright by Santoros

63. Wubbles by FadeX

64. Try by Elkka

65. Offkey by Taiki Nulight

66. Close To Me by Nasko

67. Lies (Billy Kenny Remix) by Left/Right & jACQ

68. Say You're Gonna Miss Me (feat. Holly Drummond) by Wistful & Subsets

69. Get Close to Me by Vanilla Ace & Thee Cool Cats

70. Zombie Pace (Radio Edit) by Rymdreglage

71. Wait FooR Me (James Hype Remix) by FooR & James Hype

72. Late Nights by Taiki Nulight

73. Where I Belong (feat. Lauren Bennett & Moelogo) [Radio Edit] by Guy Furious

74. Kid N Play by David Heartbreak

75. Palace by Murlo

76. One Step (feat. Trigganom) by Samrai & Platt

77. Noise For OHOI! by Obeah

78. Out My Life by Bassboy & Skue-K

79. Work Yo Body (Remix by Affelaye) by Daniel Curpen

80. Buggin by Look Like

81. I'm a Uk G by Moony

82. Irises by Murlo

83. Pushin' by Duncan Powell

84. Footwerk by Taiki Nulight & Rene Le Rude

85. Pick Me Up (Licenced Mix) by R.I.P Productions

86. I Need You by Milo Mills

87. Lost by Taiki Nulight

88. Say to You by Classified

89. Altered Consciousness by Pluix

90. Happy to Be Deep by R.I.P Productions

91. White Light Gemini by Deadboy

92. Feeling by Nasko

93. Da Descent by LOLGurlz & The Oracle

94. Do It Again / Billie Jean (Radio Edit) by Club House

95. Mirage (Aka la Luna Aka Stasera la Luna) [Extended Version] by Scotch

96. Where I Belong (feat. Lauren Bennett & Moelogo) [Extended] by Guy Furious

97. Because by Alex Session

98. I Gotta Go by Vanilla Ace & Thee Cool Cats

99. Juniper by Bloom

100. Call Me (Instrumental) by Silver Pozzoli