Latest 100 Song Hits

This week's top popular Farsi songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Click the link to get the song, available download is for trial only!. You have to buy song from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other original music store. Your buying will support them and keep them productive in music industry.

1. Asheghaneh by Hamed Homayoun

2. Jooneh Khodet by Black Cats

3. Ballady (Arabic) by Leila Forouhar

4. Begharar by Moein

5. Zendegi Baa Tou by Moein

6. Ye Dokhtar Daram Shah Nadareh by Hassan Shamaeezadeh

7. Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood by Black Cats

8. Dokhtare Irooni by Andy

9. Soghati by Hayedeh

10. Gozashteha by Moein

11. Shiraz by Bijan Mortazavi

12. Bandari by Hassan Shamaeezadeh

13. Dokhtar Irooni by Siavash

14. Gole Yakh by Kourosh Yaghmaee

15. Gharib e Ashena by Googoosh

16. Baz Mano Kashti by Morteza

17. Tears - Key Ashkato Paak Mikoneh by Ebi

18. Ey Daad by Black Cats

19. Dou Panjere by Googoosh

20. Elaheh Naz by Moein

21. Ay Del by Leila Forouhar

22. Khodaye Asemounha by Andy & Kouros

23. Dokhtar Ahvazi by Sandy

24. Harfe Nagofteh by Omid

25. Bordi Az Yadam by Viguen & Delkash

26. Cheshme Man by Dariush

27. Fire On Ice (Aatash Rouye Yakh) by Bijan Mortazavi

28. Only for You (Faghat Bekhatere Tou) by Mansour

29. Yasamin by Omid

30. Soltane Ghalbha by Aref

31. Eshveh by Bijan Mortazavi

32. Italian by Leila Forouhar

33. Aaftab by Black Cats

34. Golden Dreams (Khabhaye Talaei) by Javad Maroufi

35. Moments (Lahzeha) by Moein

36. Majnoon by Bijan Mortazavi

37. Gol Bee Goldoun Nemishe by Googoosh

38. Greenery (Sabzehzar) by Bijan Mortazavi

39. Eshgh Bandar (Bandari) by Sandy

40. Mara Be Boos by Hassan Gol Naraghi

41. Mashala by Sandy

42. Nemikhamet by Black Cats

43. L'Italiano (Italian) by Leila Forouhar

44. Ay Shirin Joonam by Koroush Yaghmaee

45. Keesh by Sepideh

46. Majnoon by Black Cats

47. Khanoom by Black Cats

48. Aroosi by Leila Forouhar

49. Komakam Kon by Googoosh

50. Dokhtar Irouni by Siavash

51. Shaghayegh by Dariush

52. Ahooye Eshgh by Googoosh

53. Doumad by Shahram Shabpareh

54. Panjereha by Shahram Solati & Shohreh

55. Yar Mobarak Bad by Shahram Solati

56. Mordab by Googoosh

57. Masti by Hayedeh

58. Delakam by Nahid

59. Dokhtare Ahvazi (Bandari) by Sandy

60. Harim Asheghi by Omid

61. Jooni Joonom by Leila Forouhar

62. Ye Roozi Tange Ghoroube Asemoun by Andy

63. Moon, Maah by Martik & Shohreh

64. Lalaee (In Arabic) by Sandy

65. Stars - Setare Haye Sorbi by Ebi

66. Chera Nemiraghsi by Viguen

67. Baraat Mimiram by Shahram Shabpareh

68. Shaneh by Pouran & Viguen

69. Ham Sedaye Khobam Be Moun Ta Be Mounam by Googoosh

70. Man O Del by Black Cats

71. Kouh by Googoosh

72. Niloufar by Andy & Kouros

73. Mobarak Bad by Nasser Cheshmazar

74. Bist Hezar Arezoo (1396 Iran Election) by Mohsen Chavoshi

75. Taak Khal by Sattar

76. Zange Tafrih by Hatef

77. Del Be Bastam by Morteza

78. Gole Yakh by Koroush Yaghmaee

79. Shaytoon Balla by Andy & Kouros

80. Narges (Arabi) by Iranian Traditional and Folk Dance Music, Vol. 2

81. Koucheh Be Koucheh by Shahram Shabpareh

82. Deyar (Diar) by Shahram Shabpareh

83. Balla by Andy & Kouros

84. Ghoughaye Setaregan by Shakila

85. Ghoroub by Siavash Ghomayshi

86. Negah Kon by Aref & Hayedeh

87. Paeez by Koroush Yaghmaee

88. Paradise (Pardees) by Leila Forouhar

89. Yavash Yavash by Siavash

90. Mal e Mani by Siavash

91. Ameneh by Andy & Kouros

92. Amma Nemisheh by Moein

93. Shaytanat by Andy

94. Moa'ma by Moein

95. Nasim by Black Cats

96. Cinderella by Black Cats

97. Leila by Black Cats

98. Del Tangy by Siavash Ghomayshi

99. Dastaye Tou by Dariush

100. Tekieh Gaah by Omid