Best 100 EuropeMusic Hits

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1. Amazing Grace by The King's Own Scottish Borderers Military Band

2. Scotland the Brave by The Pipes & Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment

3. Helvegen by Wardruna

4. Cancao Do Mar by Dulce Pontes

5. Chicken-Dance by Hofbräuhaus-Festkapelle

6. Flower of Scotland by The Band of the Scots Guards

7. Fehu by Wardruna

8. Bamboleo by Gipsy Kings

9. The Skye Boat Song by The Band of the Scots Guards

10. Jerk It Out by Caesars

11. Motika by Johannes Linstead

12. Journey to Alcazaba by Johannes Linstead

13. Ambrosia by Johannes Linstead

14. Tabu by Johannes Linstead

15. Hour of the Lamps by Johannes Linstead

16. Adelita by Johannes Linstead

17. Ginete by Padelis Padelidis

18. Sort It Out by Caesars

19. Rotlaust tre fell by Wardruna

20. Highland Cathedral by The Band of the Scots Guards

21. Fun and Games by Caesars

22. Would You Say Stop? by Acid House Kings

23. Solringen by Wardruna

24. A Case of You by Ana Moura

25. There Is Something Beautiful by Acid House Kings

26. O Mar E Tu by Dulce Pontes

27. Lágrima by Dulce Pontes

28. Amor a Portugal / Your love by Dulce Pontes

29. Crackin' Up by Caesars

30. NaudiR by Wardruna

31. Doce doce by Fred Bongusto

32. Parlami d'amore Mariù by Achille Togliani

33. Leva-Me Aos Fados by Ana Moura

34. Uilleann pipe by Paddy Keenan

35. Are We Lovers or Are We Friends? by Acid House Kings

36. Earth Warrior by Omnia

37. Let's Go Parking Baby by Caesars

38. March Medley: I.Wings, II. Within a Mile O' Edinburgh Toon, III. Flett from Flotta, IV. the Wee Highland Laddie by 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

39. When the Battle Is Over by The Gordon Highlanders

40. Medo by Dulce Pontes

41. Waterfall by Acid House Kings

42. Nu by Dulce Pontes

43. Under Water by Acid House Kings

44. O Infante by Dulce Pontes

45. Cancao De Embalar by Dulce Pontes

46. Nuvole Bianche by Alessia Tondo & Ludovico Einaudi Ensemble

47. Windshield by Acid House Kings

48. Radevou Sti Paralia by Eleni Foureira

49. Fadinho Serrano by Dulce Pontes

50. Under Paris Skies by Yogi Martin

51. IngwaR by Wardruna

52. Amazing Grace by The Pipes & Drums of Leanisch

53. Naufrágio by Dulce Pontes

54. Verde Pino, Verde Mastro by Dulce Pontes

55. (I'm In) A Chorus Line by Acid House Kings

56. Por Esse Mar by Dulce Pontes

57. Uma Mulher Na Cidade by Dulce Pontes

58. Out of My Hands by Caesars

59. Sowelu by Wardruna

60. Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now by Acid House Kings

61. I Just Called to Say Jag Älskar Dig by Acid House Kings

62. Júlia Galdéria by Dulce Pontes

63. The Gael by The Pipes & Drums of Leanisch

64. Todos somos um (Hino Oficial 7 Maravilhas do Mundo) by Dulce Pontes

65. The Dark Island by The King's Own Scottish Borderers Military Band

66. IwaR by Wardruna

67. Where Have We Been? by Acid House Kings

68. Heyr Himna Smiður by Schola Cantorum

69. Since You've Been Gone by Caesars

70. No Ano Que Vem by Dulce Pontes

71. Fado Os Maias by Dulce Pontes

72. The Rowan Tree by The King's Own Scottish Borderers Military Band

73. Only You by Caesars

74. You Don't Mean a Thing to Me by Caesars

75. March Medley: I. Drunken Duncan, II. the Strathspey King, III. the Cup of Tea, IV. O'Rourke's Reel, V. the Pipers Waltz, VI. Crossing the Minch, VII. the Lady In the Bottle, VIII. the Pipers Bonnet by 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

76. Gibu by Wardruna

77. You're My Favorite by Caesars

78. Argyll Broadswords by The Band of the Scots Guards

79. Reveille by The Gordon Highlanders

80. Solo Pipes: I. the Stirlingshire Militia, II. the Atholl Cummers, III. Lt Col D.J.S Murray by 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

81. Taranta by Alessia Tondo, Cinzia Villani, Enza Pagliara, Ludovico Einaudi Ensemble & Mauro Durante

82. Helvegen by Wardruna

83. EhwaR by Wardruna

84. Primary Reels 113 by Mark Arrington

85. Cernunnos by Omnia

86. A Penumbra by Ana Moura

87. Suzy Creamcheese by Caesars

88. Company Marches by The Band of the Scots Guards

89. 6/8 Marches by The Band of the Scots Guards

90. Beginner Light Jigs 116 by Mark Arrington

91. Scotch On the Rocks by The King's Own Scottish Borderers Military Band

92. Solo Pipes: I. the Eavesdropper, II. Oh Hag! You've Killed Me, III. Langstrom''s Pony, IV. Inspector Donald Campbell, V. Donald McLennan's Exercise by 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

93. Ein Prosit by The Munich Brewer Boys

94. Blue Bonnets O'er the Border by The King's Own Scottish Borderers Military Band

95. Løyndomsriss by Wardruna

96. Chicken-Dance by Original Hofbräuhaus Festkapelle

97. The Black Bear by The Pipes & Drums of Leanisch

98. Watching Over You by Claydee & Dimension-X

99. Loch Lomond by The Pipes & Drums of Leanisch

100. Ta Koritsia Tis Kritis (The Girls of Crete) by Athena