Top 100 DubMusic Charts

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1. Thinking of You by Lord Echo

2. Jah Love by Bad Brains

3. Thin Man Skank by The Lions

4. Under Arrest (feat. Stick Figure) by Alific

5. Bring the Sensi Come by Ranking Joe & Tristan Palma

6. Suzy Wong by Nicodemus

7. Jungle Struttin' by The Lions

8. Down to the Valley by Little Axe

9. Rainy Day (Dub Step Remix) by Alborosie

10. Think (About It) by The Lions

11. Youths Are So Cold by Richie Spice

12. Rasta Nuh Gangsta (feat. Samory I) [Short Mix] by Rorystonelove

13. Ganja by Alborosie

14. I and I Survive by Bad Brains

15. Cherry Oh 2014 by Seeed

16. Too Late by Randy Valentine

17. Hot No Ho by The Lions

18. Overdub by Bad Brains

19. Ethio-Steppers by The Lions

20. Ghetto by Bad Brains

21. Cumbia Del Leon by The Lions

22. Cowboy by Bad Brains

23. Shine by Aswad

24. Ragga Dub by Bad Brains

25. So Are You by Dub Fx

26. Johnny Was by Ky-Mani Marley

27. All About Weed by Chuck Fenda

28. Givin up Food for Jah by The Lions

29. Juggernaut by Groundation

30. 100 Pound a Kali (feat. Kali Blaxx) by Green Lion Crew & Cut Stone

31. Business Lock (Dub Step Remix) by Luciano

32. Rude Boy by Lee "Scratch" Perry & Prince Jammy

33. Sweet Soul Music by The Lions

34. Woah! There's No Limit (feat. Mara TK) by Lord Echo

35. Wake Up and Live (feat. Jesse Royal) by Kelissa

36. Waiting by Seeed

37. How Low Can a Punk Get? by Bad Brains

38. Hello baby by JG

39. Paper and Pen by Ranking Trevor

40. Collie Herb Man (Joost Langveld & Roger Perry Reactor Dub) by Katchafire

41. Black Ark Vampires (Steppers Bass Mix) by Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System

42. Sunny Dub by Toots & The Maytals

43. Satan Fall by Sly & Robbie

44. Drone Snipers by Sly & Robbie

45. No Surrender by Sly & Robbie

46. Bully Tactics by Sly & Robbie

47. Flame Thrower by Sly & Robbie

48. 91 Dub by Luciano

49. Dub-Ble Agent by Sly & Robbie

50. Again Again (feat. Ras Tinny) by JahYu

51. To the Rescue by Sly & Robbie

52. Freedom Ring by Sly & Robbie

53. Black Shadow by Prince Jazzbo

54. His Imperial Majesty by Sly & Robbie

55. Sixteen Tons of Pressure (feat. Charlie P) by O.B.F

56. Malas Noticias (feat. Funky) by Su Presencia NxTwave

57. Gene Machine by Bad Brains

58. Dub Me Now Star by Dub Club

59. Enough (DJ Madd Remix) by Gentleman's Dub Club

60. Miami chiling by Osmany Garcia

61. Sunrise Version (Dub Step Remix) by Soul Vybz All Stars

62. Lankershim Dub by The Lions

63. Spanglers Dub (2014 Mix) by Junia Walker AllStars

64. September by Bad Brains

65. Rasta Nuh Gangsta (feat. Samory I) [Dropout Mix 2] by Rorystonelove

66. Battle Cry by Tour De Force

67. Chopping Dub by Sly & Robbie

68. Sunrise Version (Dub Step Remix, Vocal Dub) by Soul Vybz All Stars

69. Fluglin' at Dave's by The Lions

70. Dreadlocks Thing by Brother Culture

71. Low to the Street (feat. Lisa Tomlins) by Lord Echo

72. Mighty Jah (Feat. Chanter) by Don Goliath

73. Perfect Tree by Chronixx

74. Tuesday Roots by The Lions

75. The Sweetest Meditation (feat. Mara TK) by Lord Echo

76. Rise Up (Feat. Ras Mat-I) by Don Goliath

77. Love Grows (feat. Masia One) by Suns of Dub

78. Bohemian Idol (feat. DJ Day) [DJ Day's Chair-Bro Remix] by Lord Echo

79. Wang East by Lord Echo

80. Aground by Rhythm & Sound

81. Psalm 91 by Luciano

82. Just Do You (feat. Mara TK) by Lord Echo

83. Rally by Bad Brains

84. Keepin Dance by Nicodemus

85. When We Smoke (feat. Lutan Fyah) by Perfect Giddimani

86. Mango Walk by Chosen Brothers

87. Guns of Brixton by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill

88. Sab Sam by Zvuloon Dub System

89. Again a Version (Akcept Remix) by JahYu

90. Rasta Nuh Gangsta (feat. Samory I) [Dub Mix] by Rorystonelove

91. I and I Survive by Bad Brains

92. Revelations (Alphabet City Dub) [feat. Black Shakespeare] by The Lions

93. Plain Land by Nicodemus

94. Pumping Dub by Sly & Robbie

95. Old Time Love by Tour De Force

96. Lookin Version by The Frightnrs

97. Revolution by Little Harry

98. Rockers Delight (feat. Aswad) by Jah Shaka

99. King Tubby's Special by King Tubby

100. Around the World (Dub) by Mato