Best 100 Song Hits

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1. Pictures of Matchstick Men by Camper Van Beethoven

2. Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House

3. Last of the English Roses by Peter Doherty

4. Something So Strong by Crowded House

5. Arcady by Peter Doherty

6. All Her Favorite Fruit by Camper Van Beethoven

7. Sweethearts by Camper Van Beethoven

8. Into Temptation by Crowded House

9. World Where You Live by Crowded House

10. When I Win the Lottery by Camper Van Beethoven

11. Opening Theme by Camper Van Beethoven

12. Weather With You by Crowded House

13. Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House

14. Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House

15. Broken Love Song by Peter Doherty

16. The Beat Comes by Snowden

17. Borderline by Camper Van Beethoven

18. Now We're Getting Somewhere by Crowded House

19. A Little Death Around the Eyes by Peter Doherty

20. Four Seasons In One Day by Crowded House

21. Recurring Dream (Remastered) by Crowded House

22. When You Come by Crowded House

23. Distant Sun by Crowded House

24. (I Was Born In a) Laundromat by Camper Van Beethoven

25. All the Things I Wasn't by The Grapes of Wrath

26. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Live At the Roxy, Los Angeles) by Crowded House

27. Anemone Arms by Snowden

28. I Feel Possessed by Crowded House

29. I Am the Rain by Peter Doherty

30. Her Head's Revolving by The Three O'Clock

31. Jack Ruby by Camper Van Beethoven

32. New Love Grows On Trees by Peter Doherty

33. June by Camper Van Beethoven

34. Palace of Bone by Peter Doherty

35. Sheepskin Tearaway by Peter Doherty

36. Never Be the Same by Crowded House

37. Hole In the River by Crowded House

38. Locked Out by Crowded House

39. Sweet By and By by Peter Doherty

40. It's Only Natural by Crowded House

41. Sister Madly by Crowded House

42. Mean to Me by Crowded House

43. Salome by Peter Doherty

44. Not the Girl You Think You Are by Crowded House

45. Lady Don't Fall Backwards (Acoustic) by Peter Doherty

46. VSQ Performs Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees by Vitamin String Quartet

47. 1939 Returning by Peter Doherty

48. Instinct by Crowded House

49. Come On Darkness by Camper Van Beethoven

50. Private Universe by Crowded House

51. Lady Don't Fall Backwards by Peter Doherty

52. After Party by Active Bird Community

53. Chocolate Cake by Crowded House

54. Everything Is Good for You by Crowded House

55. Don't Really Know Me by Snowden

56. No One In Control by Snowden

57. Flowers by Camper Van Beethoven

58. Pineapple Head by Crowded House

59. So Red by Snowden

60. What Was Going Through My Head by The Grapes of Wrath

61. Whispers and Moans by Crowded House

62. The Humid Press of Days by Camper Van Beethoven

63. Keep Quiet by Snowden

64. Fingers of Love by Crowded House

65. This Year by Snowden

66. Peace of Mind (Live) by The Grapes of Wrath

67. Outta My League, Dear by Graham Coxon

68. Golden Time by Late Cambrian

69. A Crime by Carnivores

70. Nails In My Feet by Crowded House

71. O Lucky Man by The Grapes of Wrath

72. Not Good Enough by Snowden

73. Time for Heroes by Graham Coxon

74. You Know by Canto

75. Who Wants the World by The Stranglers

76. Dementia by Moosekick

77. Candy for Everyone by Snowden

78. Hiss by Snowden

79. The Ghost & the Darkness by Carnivores

80. All This Way by The Magic Gang

81. VSQ Performs the Replacements' Bastards of Young by Vitamin String Quartet

82. The Light from a Cake by Camper Van Beethoven

83. Each and Every Lonely Heart by The Three O'Clock

84. Everything I Love by Softeyes

85. Do You Want to Tell Me by The Grapes of Wrath

86. You May Be Right (AOR Mix) by The Grapes of Wrath

87. Hand in Hand by The Three O'Clock

88. G.m.b.H by The Stranglers

89. Heart of Copper by Carnivores

90. Avalanche by Culture Reject

91. I Can't Look At Your Skin by Graham Coxon

92. What's He Got? by Graham Coxon

93. Spun Gold by The Three O'Clock

94. Half the Way There by The Three O'Clock

95. The Raven by The Stranglers

96. Disintegrate Me by Viniloversus

97. High Road by Tundra Brother

98. Vietnamerica by The Stranglers

99. Duchess by The Stranglers

100. The Girl With the Guitar (Says Oh Yeah) by The Three O'Clock