Best 100 Classic BluesMusic Charts

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1. Your Precious Love by Bill Medley

2. I've Been Lovin You Too Long by Bill Medley

3. This Magic Moment by Bill Medley

4. Rock Me Baby by Bill Medley

5. I Wanna Make Love To You by Bill Medley

6. Hold On I'm Comin by Bill Medley

7. Pledging My Love by Bill Medley

8. A Change Is Gonna Come by Bill Medley

9. This Will Be the Last Time by Bill Medley

10. Drown In My Own Tears by Bill Medley

11. What You Want Me To Do by Bill Medley

12. You're the One by Bill Medley

13. Last Kind Word Blues by Geeshie Wiley

14. Aretha, Sing One for Me by George Jackson

15. Run Through the Jungle by Backsliders

16. Southern Central Blues by Vaneese Thomas

17. Stealing Gasoline by Carl Verheyen

18. Johnny Paycheck by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

19. Little Lady Blues by Daniel Bachman

20. You Three by Backsliders

21. Oh Well by Carl Verheyen

22. Sittin' Here and Drinkin' (Whiskey Blues) by Muddy Waters

23. Giving Up On Love by Larry Davis

24. He Won't Bite Me Twice by BIG AMOS PATTON

25. In the Open by Freddie King

26. The Trouble Blues by Lightnin' Hopkins

27. Black Cat by Lightnin' Hopkins

28. I Ain't Beggin' Nobody by Larry Davis

29. Hide Away Blues by Fats Domino

30. Scratches on My Back by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

31. Mighty Crazy by Lightnin' Hopkins

32. Mister Charlie by Lightnin' Hopkins

33. Take It Easy by Lightnin' Hopkins

34. Yeu Khong Hoi Han by Hari Won

35. Dirtbag Blues by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

36. Blues on My Bumper by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

37. Loaded Gun by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

38. You Said You Love Me by Fats Domino

39. I've Got My Eyes On You by Larry Davis

40. Sneaking Around by Larry Davis

41. Happy Harp by Tony Holiday & The Velvetones

42. Lam Sao De Yeu by Hari Won

43. The Stumble by Freddie King

44. Your Own Fault Baby, To Treat Me the Way You Do by Lightnin' Hopkins

45. Lightnin's Piano Boogie by Lightnin' Hopkins

46. Domino Stompv (Twistin' the Stomp) by Fats Domino

47. So Long by Fats Domino

48. I'm Coming Home by Larry Davis

49. The Old Man Down the Road by Vaneese Thomas

50. Last Night by Larry Davis

51. Please Don't Go by Larry Davis

52. A Change Is Gonna Come by Bill Medley

53. Road Runner by Bo Diddley

54. Ain't No Tellin by Mississippi John Hurt

55. I'm a Rollin' Stone by Larry Davis

56. Bhakton by William oswald

57. Sawan by William oswald

58. Mata by William oswald

59. Legi Sun by William oswald

60. Mein by William oswald

61. Chunari by William oswald

62. Balak by William oswald

63. Rang by William oswald

64. Teriyan by William oswald

65. Your Precious Love by Bill Medley

66. Pledging My Love by Bill Medley

67. I've Been Lovin You Too Long by Bill Medley

68. Drown in My Own Tears by Bill Medley

69. Me and the Devil by Backsliders

70. Cypress Grove by Skip James

71. Dough Roller Blues by Garfield Akers

72. Little Rock by Larry Davis

73. I've Had My Fun If I Don't Get Well No More by Lightnin' Hopkins

74. Hard Times by John Lee Hooker

75. The Gone Dead Train by King Solomon Hill

76. Every Night About This Time by Fats Domino

77. I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always/ Closing Time Jazz by Carl Verheyen

78. Boogie Woogie Baby by Fats Domino

79. Goin' Home by Fats Domino

80. Orange County Serenade by Daniel Bachman

81. And Now I Am Born to Die by Daniel Bachman

82. Outdoor Blues by Memphis Minnie

83. I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole by Blind Willie Johnson

84. Rockin' Chair by Fats Domino

85. Graveyard Digger's Blues by Sam Collins

86. Big Road Blues by Tommy Johnson

87. First World Eyes by Backsliders

88. Wonder Why by Lightnin' Hopkins

89. Gone Fishin' by Buster Benton

90. My Black Mamma, Pt. 1 by Son House

91. Kelong by Raman Ji

92. Sangrat by Raman Ji

93. Parchlit by Raman Ji

94. Filmsatam by Raman Ji

95. Dedo Din by Raman Ji

96. Rukaav by Raman Ji

97. Jezz by Raman Ji

98. Shades by Raman Ji

99. Gazba by Raman Ji

100. Jukaav by Raman Ji