Top 100 Chinese StringsMusic Hits

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1. Lotus Out of Water by Hong Ting

2. Ah-Do-Qing-Ah-Si-Er by Hong Ting

3. The Fisherman's Song At Dusk by Hong Ting

4. Pearls Dropping Onto the Jade Plate by Anna Guo

5. The Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun by Hong Ting

6. Liu Yang River by Hong Ting

7. Autumn Moon Over Still Lake by Hong Ting

8. Winter Ducks Play On Water by Hong Ting

9. Milking Song by Hong Ting

10. The Flowing Springs In the Ravine by Hong Ting

11. Flowers On the Brocade by Hong Ting

12. The Hang-Down Curtain by Hong Ting

13. Galloping Over the Vast Grasslands by Anna Guo

14. The Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun by Anna Guo

15. The Warbling Birds by Hong Ting

16. Song of the Flying Phoenix by Hong Ting

17. What the Pipa Says by Lin Hai

18. A Bit of Gold by Hong Ting

19. The Wind Sways the Green Bamboos by Hong Ting

20. Bow Dance by Anna Guo

21. Harvest Celebration by Anna Guo

22. Moon Over Guan-Shan Mountain by Hong Ting

23. The Flickering of the Candle Flame by Anna Guo

24. Spring Arrives On the Qing River by Anna Guo

25. The Dance of the Yi People by Anna Guo

26. Three-Six by Anna Guo

27. Song of Sadness by Little A

28. Festival In the Tian Mountains by Anna Guo

29. 月亮代表我的心 by 黃江琴

30. Happiness by Lin Hai

31. Lofty Mountains and Flowing River by Little A

32. Rainbow Raiment Song (Pipa, Erhu & Xiao) by Wu Man

33. Erquan Ying Yue (Reflections of the Moon On Erquan) [Reflets de la lune sur l'Erquan] by Guo Gan

34. The Free Flowing Meditation Spirit by Wang Hsun

35. New Opening by Anna Guo

36. 愛你在心口難開 by 廣東民族樂團 & 楊培賢

37. Listen to the Spring by Zhang Wei-Liang

38. Monastery in the Mountain by Wang Hsun

39. Tea Beauties by Zhang Wei-Liang

40. Ping Hu Qiu Yue (Autumn Moon On the Calm Lake) [Lune d'automne sur le lac calme] by Guo Gan

41. Moon Falling to West Lake by Zhang Wei-Liang

42. Liang Xiao (A Beautiful Night) [Une belle nuit] by Guo Gan

43. An Ancient Temple in Sunset by Wang Hsun

44. Kazakh Song by Wu Man

45. Respondence to Nature by Wang Hsun

46. Buddhist Music in the Spiritual Mountain by Wang Hsun

47. Han Gong Qiu Yue (Autumn Moon Over the Palace of the Han) [Lune d'automne sur le palais des Han] by Guo Gan

48. The Sound of Bell From the Temple by Wang Hsun

49. Spring Morning in Snow Mountain by Fan Shange

50. Man San Liu (Three Six Slow Version) [Trois six version lente] by Guo Gan

51. Rain and Tea by Zhang Wei-Liang

52. Water Leakage Lotus by Little A

53. High Mountains and Flowing Waters by 夏冰

54. Shanghai Fan Guan (Shanghai Taverns) [Tavernes de Shanghai] by Guo Gan

55. General Order by Little A

56. The Night Rain Outside the Window by Little A

57. The Sound of Bell from the Monastery by Wang Hsun

58. Sai Ma (Horse Race) [Course de chevaux] by Guo Gan

59. Green Fragrance by Zhang Wei-Liang

60. Xiang Shui Nu Hai (Scented Maiden) [Jeune fille parfumée] by Guo Gan

61. Ducks Play in Water by Little A

62. Temple Dream by Zhang Wei-Liang

63. Kong Shan Niao Yu (Bird Calls in the Desolate Mountains) [Appels d'oiseaux sur les montagnes désolées] by Guo Gan

64. Mu Yang Nu (The Shepherdess) [La petite bergère] by Guo Gan

65. Ambush from All Sides by Little A

66. Waves of Willows by Zhang Wei-Liang

67. Jasmine by Dai Qian

68. Rain Talking by Zhang Wei-Liang

69. The Moon Rises by Little A

70. Guangling Verse by Little A

71. Flowing Water by Little A

72. Fortune and Kindness Words by Little A

73. Dragon Threw up the Pear by Little A

74. Welcome for Guests by Little A

75. Hibiscus of Autumn by Little A

76. Takedanokomoriuta by Chinese fiddle's by 朱江​​波

77. Pine and Cypress Trees in Whirling Snow by Little A

78. Overture by Little A

79. Snow Celebration by Little A

80. Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman by Little A

81. Ancient Tune from Chen and Sui Dynasties by Little A

82. Flute and Drum at Sunset by Little A

83. Ensemble of Zithers & Strings by Chou Chin-Hung, Guo Jia-Fang & Yang Su-Hsiung

84. 鸿雁 by 陶培力

85. Memories of the Sky by Lin Hai

86. Life in the Deep Mountain by Little A

87. King Chu Doffs His Armor by Little A

88. High Mountains and Flowing Water by Hon Seewah

89. Wild Geese Descending on Sand Beach by Little A

90. Great Waves Sweeping away Sand by Little A

91. 漁舟唱晚 by 廣東民族樂團 & 楊培賢

92. Spring Ancient Theme by Little A

93. Autumn Moon Shines on the Han Palace by Little A

94. Lofty Mountains and Flowing River by Little A

95. Moonlight Night by Little A

96. Song of Southerly Breeze by Little A

97. Flicking of Candles by Little A

98. A Fishing Boat Song at Dusk by Little A

99. Happy Lantern Festival by Little A

100. Autumn Fire in Han Palace by Little A