Top 100 Chinese AltMusic Charts

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1. How Do You Honky Tonk by Jake Worthington

2. 烏雲典當記 by Omnipotent Youth Society

3. Island’s Sunrise (Acoustic Version) by Fire EX.

4. Sunny Days by Dou Wei

5. Island’s Sunrise (Original Version Re-Mixed) by Fire EX.

6. Roof of the World by Xu Wei

7. Outside the Window by Dou Wei

8. 原諒我不明白你的悲傷 by Igu Band

9. Island’s Sunrise (Orchestral Version) by Fire EX.

10. Him by Dou Wei

11. Who U R by Buddha Jump

12. My New York Someone by Anie Fann

13. The One by Accusefive

14. 很幼稚嗎? by Igu Band

15. 你孤單的唱著歌 by Igu Band

16. 我打工的咖啡廳 by Igu Band

17. 哇哈哈 by Caffe-In

18. 肺魚 by Buddha Jump

19. 世界的盡頭是一種停滯的永遠 by Igu Band

20. 平凡的時間裡 by Igu Band

21. 突然的日常生活 by Igu Band

22. 酒店關門後 by Igu Band

23. Intro by Igu Band

24. Life by Fire EX.

25. Beauty Tears by Astro Bunny

26. How Much Do You Know About the Melon by Accusefive

27. House of Cards by Anie Fann

28. Spring Shall Return by Dou Wei

29. Stay Beside You by Hello Nico

30. The Melting Sweet Land by Hello Nico

31. What I Am by Hello Nico

32. Pendulum by Anie Fann

33. Before I Go by Anie Fann

34. Unknown by Dou Wei

35. Unexpressible Feelings by Dou Wei

36. Can I Be Your Baby by Sadon

37. Let's Travel by Astro Bunny

38. 流浪漢 by Igu Band

39. Everything to Me by Sadon

40. Dusk by Dou Wei

41. Evening Glows by Dou Wei

42. Setting Out by Dou Wei

43. Spirit of Hank and Heart of James Dean by Tony Ramey

44. Dawn by Astro Bunny

45. 怎麼都沒有了 by Igu Band

46. 失眠 by Igu Band

47. Girl A by Sadon

48. The Moment Is Eternal by The Life Journey

49. Rolling by The Life Journey

50. 还我蔚蓝 by 反光镜

51. 晚安北京 by 反光镜

52. 南无阿弥陀佛 by 云菲菲

53. Stubborn Fluffy Doll by Astro Bunny

54. Out by Igu Band

55. 我知道你沒有離我遠去 by Igu Band

56. 927 by Igu Band

57. 憤世嫉俗 by Igu Band

58. 沒有的, 啊!? by Igu Band

59. Suspicious by Sadon

60. I Know by Sadon

61. Wake Up My Friend by Fire EX.

62. Let's Go by Fire EX.

63. Cloudy by Dou Wei

64. Brave by The Life Journey

65. Riding with the Wind by The Life Journey

66. Seal the Night by The Life Journey

67. Seattle Sunshine by The Life Journey

68. You by The Life Journey

69. Always Be There by The Life Journey

70. Because You Carry My Soul by Fragile Girls

71. I Know I Lost You by Fragile Girls

72. Lost Neo by Fragile Girls

73. The Love Song of the City by Fragile Girls

74. Green Tara Mantra by Jade Born

75. Red Advanture by Astro Bunny

76. Fraction of Sweet Olive by Astro Bunny

77. Intro by Astro Bunny

78. Self Intro by Sadon

79. Bar Next Door by Sadon

80. Bad Taste by Sadon

81. All Day All Night by Sadon

82. My Woodstock by Sadon

83. Where Am I? by Fire EX.

84. Intro by Hello Nico

85. Light Pollution by misi Ke 柯泯薰

86. Dance Then by Fragile Girls

87. Alone by Fragile Girls

88. The Fragile Girl's Song by Fragile Girls

89. Crazy Hospital by Rockcoconuts

90. Amitabha Buddha by Jade Born

91. Brilliant Mantra of Six Words by Jade Born

92. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva by Jade Born

93. Padmasambhava Mantra by Jade Born

94. Whisbih Is Legal Drug by Taipei Cases

95. Wonder World by Astro Bunny

96. Pity by Astro Bunny

97. Don't Let Me Fall by Astro Bunny

98. King by Astro Bunny

99. 金魚腦袋 (Karaoke Version) by Agave Butterfly

100. 金魚腦袋 by Agave Butterfly