Top 100 Song Hits

This week's hits popular Caribbean songs in international selling and download based on itunes. Follow the link to download the song, available download is for preview only!. Go purchase music from apple itunes, amazon music, google music or any other legal song store. Your buying will support them and keep them productive in music business.

1. Fast Wine by Machel Montano

2. Bring the Beat (feat. Tessanne Chin) by Machel Montano

3. Bicycle Ride (Soca Remix) by Vybz Kartel & Bunji Garlin

4. Buss Head by Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin

5. Freaky Girls (feat. Eempey Slicker) by Ricky T

6. Beat It by Machel Montano

7. Bang Bim by Marzville

8. Waves by Machel Montano

9. Your Time Now by Machel Montano

10. Sully by Ricky T

11. Domino by Enposib

12. Pega Pega by Armando Salcedo & Heidy Torres

13. MI GEnTE by Armando & Heidy

14. Baby I Miss You by Carimi

15. Mon bon ami (Ti' Punch Riddim) by Angela Hunte

16. Waiting on the Stage (feat. Badjohn Republic) by Machel Montano

17. Waiting on the Stage (feat. Badjohn Republic) by Machel Montano

18. Jumping by Armando & Heidy

19. My Angel (Malaika) by Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba

20. Temperature by Machel Montano

21. Kita nago by Carimi

22. Like So (feat. Gregor Salto & DJ Buddha) by Angela Hunte & Machel Montano

23. My Check by Armando & Heidy

24. Memory by Machel Montano & Tarrus Riley

25. Ponte bonita by Gente de Zona

26. Sexual Healing by 5Lan

27. Memory by Machel Montano & Tarrus Riley

28. Only for You by Phyllisia Ross

29. Te quiero by Willy William

30. Never See Come See by KES the Band

31. Ahora que La Habana es mía… te vas by Los 4

32. I'm a Freak by Carimi

33. Like So (feat. Gregor Salto & DJ Buddha) by Machel Montano & Angela Hunte

34. Human (Ti' Punch Riddim) by Machel Montano

35. Wine Back by K.Rich

36. Mwen bouke by Harmonik

37. Dentu Mi by Susie

38. Find Me in Trinidad by Bunji Garlin

39. Kwazulu (In the Land of the Zulus) by Miriam Makeba

40. Human (Ti' Punch Riddim) by Machel Montano

41. All O' Dem by Bunji Garlin

42. In We Blood by Machel Montano

43. Mon Colonel by Michel Martelly

44. Zum Zum by Armando & Heidy

45. Calypso by Syd Marsh

46. Tek off Something by Stiffy

47. Kimbé sa nan rinw by 5 Lan

48. The People's Champion by Benjai

49. Zanmi by Nickenson Prudhomme

50. Hurry, Mama, Hurry! (Khawuleza) by Miriam Makeba

51. Turn Me On (feat. Michel Dulix) by Kreyol La

52. Mean bizniss by Carimi

53. Dat Soca Boat by Mighty Shadow

54. Maddest Thing by Alison Hinds & Mr. Dale

55. Bottle of Rum by Machel Montano

56. I Doh Mind by Uncle Ellis

57. U & Me by Phyllisia Ross

58. Diamonds by Kaysha

59. Balanz by K-liber4life

60. Donki by Coupe Cloue

61. Pan in "A Minor" by London All Stars Steel Orchestra

62. Nostalgie by Carimi

63. Sexual Healing (feat. Flav) by 5Lan

64. Sugar Rush by Hypasounds

65. Bang Bim (feat. Alison Hinds) [Remix] by Marzville

66. Sabroso Bacalao by Adolfo Echeverría Y Su Conjunto

67. Pou mwen (feat. Mikaben & Olivier Duret) by Leila Chicot

68. Carnival Groupie by Machel Montano

69. The Fog (Road Mix) by Machel Montano

70. When the Sun Goes Down by CMH World

71. Chuku Chuku by Denise Belfon

72. Mash Up by Destra Garcia

73. Ill Nana by Carimi

74. Anoranza por la Conga by Sur Caribe

75. All I Want by Zin

76. Kité yo palé by Sweet Micky

77. Train Song (Mbombela) by Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba

78. Energy High by Machel Montano

79. Loving You by Nu-Look

80. No limit (Madinina kuduro) by X Man

81. Are You Ready by Carimi

82. Saint Lucia We Love by Mongstar

83. Biznis pam by Djakout Mizik

84. Nongqongqo (To Thos We Love) by Miriam Makeba

85. There Goes My Life by CMH World

86. Beach Cruisin' by Syd Marsh

87. Un bout de mon amour by Teeyah & Alan Cavé

88. Love de toi by Carimi

89. Lanmou Engra by Kreyol La

90. Come to Meh by Iwer George

91. Wasn't Meant to Be by Nu-Look

92. N'oublie pas by T-MICKY

93. Triye by Kreyol La

94. Bandi Legal by Sweet Micky

95. Naturellement by Fabiola Shyne

96. Je ne bois pas beaucoup by Les Ya Toupas Du Zaire

97. Doh Hold It by Jahmoun

98. Come Down by Erphaan Alves

99. A qui la faute by Nu-Look

100. Pan Here to Stay by London All Stars Steel Orchestra