Top 100 Song Charts

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1. Magic by Pilot

2. Eyes of a Stranger by The Payola$

3. Voices by Russ Ballard

4. Bohemian Rhapsody by Bohemian Rhapsody

5. Cover of the Rolling Stone by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

6. You Don't Want Me Anymore by Steel Breeze

7. Oh Well by The Rockets

8. A Fine, Fine Day by Tony Carey

9. I Could Be Good for You by 707

10. Hanging On a Heart Attack by Device

11. Dancin' Shoes by Nigel Olsson

12. Heartbeat by Red 7

13. Burning Flame by Vitamin Z

14. Why Me? by Planet P Project

15. In the Night by Russ Ballard

16. Worlds Away by Strange Advance

17. You Don't Know by Scarlett & Black

18. The First Day of Summer by Tony Carey

19. We Are the Champions by Bohemian Rhapsody

20. Running Down a Dream by Pickin' On Series

21. Heaven (Must Be There) by Eurogliders

22. Somebody to Love by Bohemian Rhapsody

23. Misfit by Curiosity Killed the Cat

24. Don't You Know What Love Is? by touch

25. Fat Bottomed Girls by Bohemian Rhapsody

26. Can't Sleep by The Rockets

27. Turn Up the Radio by The Rockets

28. (Feels Like) Heaven by Fiction Factory

29. It's Inevitable by Charlie

30. Who Says by Device

31. Voices by Russ Ballard

32. Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) by Lenny Kravitz

33. Burning Flame (Extended Dance Mix) by Vitamin Z

34. Lost Forever, Left for Dreaming by The Rockets

35. New Beginning by Stir

36. A Fine, Fine Day by Tony Carey

37. Right Between the Eyes by Wax UK

38. Why Me? by Tony Carey

39. 5-7-0-5 by City Boy

40. Hitchin' a Ride by Vanity Fare

41. The Best Is Yet to Come by Luba

42. So Sad (No Love of His Own) by Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre

43. Why Me? (Extended Version) by Planet P Project

44. Yeah Yeah Yeah by GB Leighton

45. A Little Bit of Soap by Nigel Olsson

46. Looker by Sue Saad & the Next

47. Prettiest Girl by The Neighborhoods

48. Lucille by The Rockets

49. Keeping the Dream Alive (Single Version) by Freiheit

50. Speak to the Sky by Rick Springfield

51. I Won't Be Home Tonight by Tony Carey

52. Dancin' Shoes by Faith Band

53. January by Pilot

54. Down to Earth by Curiosity Killed the Cat

55. Yellow Pills by 20/20

56. Dreamin' Is Easy by Steel Breeze

57. Let It Go by Luba

58. We Run by Strange Advance

59. I Won't Be Home Tonight by Tony Carey

60. Don't Let Him Know by Prism

61. (Feels Like) Heaven by Fiction Factory

62. Innocence by Harlequin

63. Most Important Night of My Life by GB Leighton

64. Lonely Long by GB Leighton

65. Mega Force by 707

66. I Could Be Good for You by 707

67. A Lonely Life by Tony Carey

68. Midnight Man by Flash and the Pan

69. Angela by Vitamin Z

70. Love for Sale by GB Leighton

71. Circus Ring by Vitamin Z

72. Free Fallin' by Pickin' On Series

73. Circle of Friends by Better Than Ezra

74. Fire With Fire by Wild Blue

75. America by KBC Band

76. Learning To Fly by Pickin' On Series

77. Only Sixteen by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

78. Favorite by GB Leighton

79. Country Song by Pure Prairie League

80. Show and Tell (Original Single Version) by Al Wilson

81. Long Long Gone by The Rockets

82. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right (Original 45 Version) by Luther Ingram

83. The Circle by Max Carl

84. Thinking of You by Harlequin

85. I Won't Back Down by Pickin' On Series

86. Holdin' On by Tane Cain

87. Road of the Gypsy by Adrenalin

88. Worlds Away by Strange Advance

89. I'm Gonna Take Care of Everything by Rubicon

90. Rock N Roll Soul by Screaming Eagles

91. Rolene by Moon Martin

92. Love Me Once Again by The Rockets

93. Mary Jane's Last Dance by Pickin' On Series

94. Feel Alright by The Rockets

95. Bridge to Your Heart by Wax UK

96. Circus Ring (Remix) by Vitamin Z

97. Undercover Angel (Original Single Version) by Alan O'Day

98. Something Ain't Right by The Rockets

99. Harmony Song by Pure Prairie League

100. Take It Before You Go by Pure Prairie League