Latest 100 Adult AlternativeMusic Hits

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1. No Rain by Blind Melon

2. Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

3. My Love by The Bird and the Bee

4. It's a Heartache by Bonnie Tyler

5. All We Are by Matt Nathanson

6. September Song by Agnes Obel

7. This Is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli

8. Make a Move by Icon for Hire

9. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall by Coldplay

10. Down By the Water by The Decemberists

11. Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson

12. Riverside by Agnes Obel

13. This Is Why We Fight by The Decemberists

14. Heartbreak World by Matt Nathanson

15. Angel By Your Side by Francesca Battistelli

16. Hundred More Years by Francesca Battistelli

17. Still by Matt Nathanson

18. Change by Blind Melon

19. Off With Her Head by Icon for Hire

20. Polite Dance Song by The Bird and the Bee

21. Iodine by Icon for Hire

22. Reverence by The Jesus and Mary Chain

23. Let's Go To Bed by The Cure

24. Again & Again by The Bird and the Bee

25. Falling Apart by Matt Nathanson

26. Ooh Child (Alternate Version) by Beth Orton

27. June Hymn by The Decemberists

28. Simple Things by Amos Lee

29. New Looks from an Old Lover by B.J. Thomas

30. I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry by B.J. Thomas

31. Moving to Mars by Coldplay

32. Major Minus by Coldplay

33. Calamity Song by The Decemberists

34. Car Crash by Matt Nathanson

35. What I Wouldn't Do by A Fine Frenzy

36. Don't Carry It All by The Decemberists

37. Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and the Bee

38. Bulletproof Weeks by Matt Nathanson

39. January Hymn by The Decemberists

40. Shine by David Gray

41. Get Well by Icon for Hire

42. La la La by The Bird and the Bee

43. Gone by Matt Nathanson

44. (Reach Up for the) Sunrise by Duran Duran

45. Rox In the Box by The Decemberists

46. Everything Is Easy by Third Eye Blind

47. Blow Away by A Fine Frenzy

48. Tones of Home by Blind Melon

49. Preparedness by The Bird and the Bee

50. Spread Your Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

51. Happier by A Fine Frenzy

52. Escapee by Architecture In Helsinki

53. Because by The Bird and the Bee

54. Skinny Genes by Eliza Doolittle

55. To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts by Matt Nathanson

56. Rollerblades by Eliza Doolittle

57. Sooner Surrender by Matt Nathanson

58. I'm a Broken Heart by The Bird and the Bee

59. Contact High by Architecture In Helsinki

60. The Beacon by A Fine Frenzy

61. The Grey by Icon for Hire

62. Debauchery by David Gray

63. Mine by Third Eye Blind

64. Buckets of Rain (Live) by Neko Case

65. Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle

66. Birds and the Bees by The Bird and the Bee

67. Rise to Me by The Decemberists

68. Electric Twist by A Fine Frenzy

69. Airport Taxi Reception by Sondre Lerche

70. I Hate Camera by The Bird and the Bee

71. It's All True (Radio Edit) by Tracey Thorn

72. Golden Brown by The Stranglers

73. Spark by The Bird and the Bee

74. Theatre by Icon for Hire

75. My Fair Lady by The Bird and the Bee

76. Drving Me Mad by Neil Finn

77. Far Gone and Out by The Jesus and Mary Chain

78. What's In the Middle by The Bird and the Bee

79. Gathering Dust by David Gray

80. Fight by Icon for Hire

81. Diamond Dave by The Bird and the Bee

82. Up In Flames by Icon for Hire

83. Dear Avery by The Decemberists

84. Lead Me Upstairs by David Gray

85. Pieces by Icon for Hire

86. A Century Ends by David Gray

87. Say Goodbye by Amos Lee

88. Salvation by The Cranberries

89. Ho Hey by Vitamin String Quartet

90. You're a Cad by The Bird and the Bee

91. Let the Truth Sting by David Gray

92. Living Room by David Gray

93. Something in You by Third Eye Blind

94. Only a Memory by Icon for Hire

95. Stilled by Future of Forestry

96. Worth It by Francesca Battistelli

97. Birds Without Wings by David Gray

98. Wisdom by David Gray

99. Motion of Mercy by Francesca Battistelli

100. Detroit Waves by Matt Nathanson